For anyone that finds this page by accident, I apologize. For the ones that came here on purpose, I’m even more sorry.

If you’re still reading after that, I’m attempting to recreate a portion of the Three Kingdoms tale using the 4E rules and races/classes. In this setting, we plan to alternate between a Wu party as well as a Shu party. Through these two separate storylines, I intend to recreate the Three Kingdoms starting with Liu Bei’s retreat from Cao Cao and the battle at Chang Ban. The Wu force has just begun and will be progressing forward working both for the Sun family and the mystics.

As far as setup, Cao Cao has been portrayed (to this point) as the villain, and his army consists of mostly races considered to be more monstrous (bugbears, yuan-ti, etc.). However, the players have been able to choose any race and class available. My reasoning for this decision was the Yellow Turbans and mystics, who were commonly portrayed as having mystical powers and thus giving precedent for having magical classes across the board. As for races, I just wanted the players to be able to have some freedom. The Gamers proved that restricting players to an all-human campaign can have some disrupting consequences. That said, I’ve said the players can have their counterparts look however they want. The choice of race can be mostly benefit-based if they so desire.

I do have many unsettling plot points to use in the future, and I am going to allow the players to shape many of the decisions made by many of the generals they work under. Perhaps things work out differently? They’ll have to see. As they said in Mulan, even a single grain of rice can tip the scales.

Three Kingdoms Rewrite