Three Kingdoms Rewrite

The Ritual Grounds

Upon arrival, the group found that the trees in the area had been decimated by some disease or power that could not easily been explained. Their usual colors had been replaced by burned, decay-ridden bare branches. Upon closer inspection, the group saw a large magical dome in the distance. As they approached, the party was assaulted by a group of demons from another plane. Closer inspection suggested they were running away from something, but they engaged anyway.

The party split with Bang Mi going north and You Shang the monk going east. Lau Chun attempted to cover them, but the enemies were slowly whittling down the group. At a dire moment, Geng Su arrived with healing and added support, turning the tide and allowing the group to emerge victorious.

As they approached the dome, it could be seen that many footprints led to this ritual site, but just as many led away in every direction. It was impossible to tell which ones belonged to the monsters and which could have belonged to other Wu denizens, though the group felt certain that a number of them had fled east. As they began to leave, the magical dome dropped and a young robed boy beckoned them to discuss the findings. With the boy were two other cloaked figures: a man and a woman. However, negotiations quickly broke down, and after being angered, the cloaked figures revealed themselves to be Nu Wa, Fu Xi, and Taigong Wang. After a quick yet brutal fight, the mystics called a cease fire and congratulated the group on their determination. After some more discussing, the group obtained an old, magical scroll.

After returning to their home, again leaving Geng Su behind, they discussed their future with the mystics, Zhou Yu, and Zhuge Liang. After much discussing, it was decided that the group would split their duties between working for Wu and working for the mystics. However, both groups had the same objective in the near future: the Battle of Chi Bi!



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