Fei Pa

Fiery young thief


Female Human Rogue Level 8

Tier Class
Heroic Tier Rogue
Paragon Path
Epic Destiny
Stat Value Bonus
STR 17 3
CON 10 0
DEX 20 5
INT 8 -1
WIS 11 0
CHA 14 2
Calculated Stat Value
Max HP 57
Bloodied 28
AC 23
REF 24
Healing Surges 6
Surge Value 14
Equipment Slot Equipment Name Fluff
Weapon Mordant Rapier +2 poison and acid damage
Armor Skald’s Leather Armor +2 allows me to redirect melee attacks
Hands Antipathy Gloves enemy must expend 1 extra square of movement to get beside me
Neck Brooch of Shielding +2 resist 10 force
Feet Surefoot Boots daily power stand from prone
Arms Iron Armbands of Power +2 damage to melee rolls
Head Resplendent Circlet encounter item power to grant one ally CA against adjacent enemy
Ring 1
Ring 2
Feature Type Feature Name
Racial Feature Bonus Feat, Skill, and At-Will Power
Racial Feature Human Defenses Bonus
Class Feature First Strike
Class Feature Rogue Tactics
Class Feature Sneak Attack
Class Feature Brutal Scoundrel
Feat Improved Initiative
Feat Backstabber
Feat Vicious Advantage
Feat WP Rapier
Feat Slaying Action
Feat Flash of the Blade
Power Type Power Name Fluff
At-Will Piercing Strike Dexterity versus Reflex
At-Will Acrobatic Strike Shift 1 before or after attack; automatically escape grab
At-Will Duelist’s Flurry slide target 1 square and shift 1 square; can use SA
Encounter Tortuous Strike gain str and dex mod to damage
Encounter Sneak in the Attack next ally who hits target with CA does my SA damage
Encounter Low Slash used as minor action
Encounter Vexing Flanker shift to any other square adjacent to the enemy
Encounter Leg-Breaker if target moves more than 2 squares, it takes damage = my dex mod
Daily Precise Incision Reliable 3W damage
Daily Bat Aside slide enemy up to 5 squares next to its ally/allies and knock everyone prone

Ten-Minute Background

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Developing Character

Fei Pa

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