Three Kingdoms Rewrite

Three Kingdoms Again
Add what you will

Story so far:

The Shu group began their travels together on a mission to investigate trouble in the slums of Jiang Yang. After obtaining some information from a street urchin (for a hefty price), the group assaulted a slum stronghold, “accidentally” killing a member of Liu Bei’s court. Among this court member’s documents was a report insinuating some shady dealings with a group outside of town, primarily weapons smuggling. The group investigated only to find remnants of the Yellow Turbans attempting some ritual. As the fight wore on, the street urchin from before joined the fight and turned the tides quickly. A member of the Turbans was captured (Dong Bao) and interrogated, and the group was eventually interrogated as well by the Liu Bei and the mystic Zuo Ci before being thrown in jail.

The group was released from jail by the street urchin, now known to be Fei Pa. In their escape, the jail came under attack by members of Cao Cao’s army. In the ensuing fight, a nephew of Xiahou Dun was killed. Xiahou Dun himself arrived, only to be thwarted by Guan Yu.

Liu Bei was then forced from his home, and he protected the peasants in their escape. However, Cao Cao caught up with them at Chang Ban. The group fought valiantly to protect the peasants, even from Li Dian and some of his lackeys. They eventually fled to the ships right before Xiahou Dun and Xu Zhu arrived.

Once safely away, Liu Bei enlisted the group to help find a hermit named Zhuge Liang. After fighting a wild man and several dire tigers and bears, the hermits hut was found and Liu Bei was brought to the hermit. After three visits, the hermit was recruited as well. His immediate proposal was to make an alliance with the Sun family in order to defeat Cao Cao’s incoming navy.


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